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2004 World Championships Ad [World Championship Decks 2004]

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Set: World Championship Decks 2004
Type: Card
Rarity: Common
Collect All Four World Championship Decks

Relive the excitement of the 2004 World Championships with these four commemorative decks.

Julien Nuijten, World Champion

At just fifteen years old, Julien Nuijten is the youngest ever Magic: The Gathering ® World Champion. He came out of nowhere to stun the field with a green-white Astral Slide deck that gains tremendous card advantage from Eternal Witness.

Aeo Paquette, Finalist

Professional Magic ® player Aeo Paquette played the deck that defined the metagame at the 2004 World Championships. With more than forty artifacts, his "Affinity" deck uses the power of Arcbound Ravager and Disciple of the Vault to race to victory.

Manuel Bevand, Semifinalist

Pro Tour™ veteran Manuel Bevand's artifact-based combo deck uses Krark-Clan Ironworks to quickly get a Myr Incubator into play, which then creates thirty or more 1/1 Myr creatures—somtimes as early as the third turn!

Gabriel Nassif, Semifinalist

Gabriel Nassif's performance at Worlds earned the Parisian the coveted 2004 Player of the Year award. Designed to beat the ubiquitous "Affinity" decks, his counter-heavy blue-white control deck performed well against the entire field.
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