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Double Rainbow (Parallel Foil) (V-TB01/052EN) [BanG Dream! FILM LIVE]

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Rarity: Common
Set Name: BanG Dream! FILM LIVE
Card Number: V-TB01/052EN
Release Date: 2021-03-05
Unit: Normal Order Music
Grade: 1
Skill Icon: None
Nation: BanG Dream! FILM LIVE
Race: Poppin'Party
Clan: BanG Dream!
Power: 0
Shield: 0
Critical: 0
(After a music is played, it is put in the back row of the middle column until end of turn) [AUTO](RC):When placed, draw a card, look at three cards from the top of your deck, reveal up to one [Critical] trigger from among them, put it into your hand, and put the rest on the bottom of your deck in any order.
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    Cardfight Vanguard Single