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Enlightenment Dragon [LEDE-EN038] Super Rare

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Set: Legacy of Destruction
Card type: Fusion/Effect Monster
Rarity: Super Rare
Attack: 3000
Defense: 3000
"Judgment Dragon" + "Punishment Dragon" Must be Special Summoned (from your Extra Deck) by banishing the above monsters, 1 each from your field and GY. Once per turn (Quick Effect): You can pay 2000 LP; banish all other cards on the field and in the GYs. Once per turn, during your End Phase: Send the top 4 cards of your Deck to the GY. If this card in its owner's possession is destroyed by an opponent's card: You can add 2 of your banished monsters to your hand (1 "Judgment Dragon" and 1 "Punishment Dragon"), then you can Special Summon both, ignoring their Summoning conditions.
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    Yugioh Single