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EVA-01 -Accomplishing a Miracle- (SPR) (CB01-021) [Collaboration Booster 01: Halo of Awakening]

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Set Name: Collaboration Booster 01: Halo of Awakening
Card Number: CB01-021
Release Date: 2024-06-07
Rarity: Special Rare
Card Type: Spirit
Cost: 4
Color: Purple
Spirit Type: Golem / EVA-01 / NERV
Flavor Text: Everyone had no choice but to work together to defeat the Angels. It would take a miracle.

[A.T. Field] (If this spirit has a (soul core) on it, it cannot be destroyed by the destruction effects of your opponent's spirits.)

[LV II][LV III] During Your Attack Step

At the start of the step, if you control a Shinji nexus, select one of your opponent's spirits. Remove all but one core from it and place them into their reserve.
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    Battle Spirits Saga